Alexey E. Kurbanov was born in Novgorod in 1971. He graduated form Novgorod Youth Music School No. 1 named after S. V. Rachmaninoff (specialization in piano, class of pedagogue T. G. Konkova, and composition, class of pedagogue B. K. Zorin) and secondary music school-lyceum attached to Leningrad State Conservatory named after N. A. Rimski- Korsakov (specialization in composition, class of pedagogue S. J. Wolfensohn; music theory, class of pedagogue S. E. Belkina; organ, class of pedagogue O. P. Minkina; piano, class of pedagogue N. I. Brovermann).

In 1995 he graduated with honours from St. Peterburg Conservatoire (, specialization in composition, class of Prof. A.D. Mnatsakanian, and organ, class of Prof. N. I. Oksentian. In 1995-1997 he had a probation period in St. Petersburg Conservatoire (specialization in organ, class of Prof. N. I. Oksentian, and clavecin, class of assistant professor E. A. Seredinskaya).

In 1999 he finished his post-graduate course in St. Petersburg Conservatoire, in March 2000 maintained his Ph..D. candidate dissertation "Development of the Organ Music in the 60 ths - 90 ths of the XX Century" (Based on the Works of the Leningradian - St. Petersburgian Composers), scientific adviser Ś Prof. Dr. S. M. Hentova.

In 1993-1994 he was an exchange student in Rotterdams Conservatorium (Holland), (á specialization in organ (Prof. B. Winsemius), organ improvisation (Prof. A. J. Keijzer), composition (Prof. K. de Vries), piano (Prof. C. Steinroth). Participant and laureate of different composers and organ music performers contests and festivals. Since 1984 he has been performing actively piano, organ and clavecin concerts. He performed interpretations of the rare thus including modern music. He is an author of about 170 compositions for piano, choir, chamber ensembles etc. His compositions were performed in Russia, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, USA, Norway.

As an organist he took part in master-classes of the leading European organists held in St. Petersburg: professors A. Sacchetti (Italy), A. Liebig (Germany/Norway), B. Haas, Z. SzathmÓry, W. Stockmeier, A. Webersinke, M. Sander (Germany), N. Alcoat (England), L. Rogg, R. Meyer (Switzerland), B. Schmutz (France), P. van Dijk (Holland), M. Tskioka (Japan) and S. Roberts (USA). Participated in the international seminar of the young organists under leading of Prof. R. Heinemann (Germany) in July 1996 in Archangelsk.

Also attended composition seminars of professors R. Hempel, H. Lachenmann (Germany), M. Greenbaum, J. Beck (USA), M. Zur (Israel), T. Hartsuijker, D. Rowland, A. Manassen (Holland), R. Corijn (Belgium) in St. Petersburg Conservatoire, Fr. Rzewski (USA) in Rotterdams Conservatorium.

Since April 2000 lives and works in Aure (Norway, M°re and Romsdal) ( He is organist in the church of St..Mary in Aure and organ/piano teacher in a local municipal culture school. He takes an active part in musical and other cultural life, participated in a staging of the musical by J. Bock and Sh. Harnick "Spelemann paa taket" ("Fiddler on the Roof") (in Aure and Brekstad), he also helped while compiling the digest of a local folk music. In Norway took part in the festivals of a folklore music and organ master-class professor J. Laukvik (Germany) in Molde, G. Weir (Australia/England) in Lillehammer, P. Kee (Holland) in Bergen, L. Ghielmi (Italy) in Kongsberg, etc. Has taken part in the XXV Ringve Museum International Summer Course in Early Music (leader ľ Prof. K. Haugsand (Norway/Cologne, Germany), harpsichord) in Sakshaug (Inder°ya) by Trondheim (, in the International Seminar for pianists and piano-teachers (leader ľ Prof. D. Andersen, Brussels) in Kristiansund, in the Culture Festival in Brekstad (, Bod° International Organ Festival in Bod° (, also in G÷teborg International Organ Academy (course leaders - Prof. Dr. H. Davidsson (organ), Sweden/USA, Prof. J. van Immerseel (fortepiano), Belgium, Prof. W. Porter (organ), USA, Prof. J. van Oortmerssen (organ), Holland, Prof. Dr. M. Haselb÷ck (organ), Austria, Prof. Dr. J. Verdin (organ, harmonium), Belgium, Prof. J. Speerstra (clavichord), USA) in Gothenburg, Sweden (

Since March 1999 he is member of St. Petersburg Union of Composers, since 1998 Ś member of St. Petersburg Richard Wagner Association, since 1999 - member of German Society of Richard Wagner ( Since June 2000 - member of Musikernes Felles Organisasjon (Norway) (, since autumn 2001 - member of Trondheim Chamber Music Society. Since February 2002 member of TONOŚNorwegian society of composers and performers' copyrights ( Since 2003 ľ member of the Norwegian ( and Swedish ( Organ Societies. He is also member of Noregs Maallag (The Language Organisation in Norway) ( and Norsk Maalungdom (


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